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PremiumBag is an award winning supplierof duffles, sports bags and luggage since 2000, specializing in developing products that are both functional as well as fashionable.


We are proud to currently be the exclusive licensee for Bob Mackie and also the unique Triple Play line of bags, backpacks and duffels along with distributing our own branded and custom products. In the past, we have worked under license with several others, and most notably for many years with Spalding & Russell Athletic, and we are appreciative of all of our partners and their contribution towards where we are today. All of the items are stocked in our NYC Area Warehouse, and we are committed to be counted on as a reliable partner as we have by so many every day since our inception.

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We keep deep inventory on all items and we are committed to reliabilty and personal service. Our world headquarters and warehouse is located in Jamaica, NY. We also have an office for sourcing and quality control in Shanghai, China

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Our mission is to help enhance peoples travel and everyday activities while using our products and we consider that and design each of our products accordingly and proudly for you

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